Selina Perocevic – winner of the 2020 annual BAP award

Selina Perocevic – winner of the 2020 annual BAP award for contribution to the development of the training programme in psychoanalytic psychotherapy in Bulgaria, via the introduction of the “Infant Observation” method.

In November 2020 the Bulgarian Psychotherapy Association (BAP) awarded its annual contribution award to Selina Perocevic (UK). Mrs. Perocevic is a member of the SPP’s Training Committee and the teaching team in the SPP Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Selina Perocevic is a child psychoanalytic psychotherapist. She is taking an active participation in SPP’s training programmes since 2017. She has a major contribution in introducing the “Infant Observation” method in the training of psychoanalytic therapists and supporting professions. She was the lead tutor of the first group of candidate psychotherapists who completed their observations in the period October 2018 – February 2020. Since March 2020 Selina is a consultant to the second baby observation group, which is now open also to professionals from other psychotherapeutic societies, as well as colleagues from the wider mental health and social support professions.

As a teacher in psychoanalytic psychotherapy training Selina uses her experience as psychoanalytic psychotherapist and a leader of baby observation groups in the UK, Italy and Bulgaria to present in a sensitive manner the earliest stages of development of the human psychic and the reactions these primitive psychic processes evoke in the clinician. This is a particularly valuable point of view for those psychotherapists and psychoanalysts, who are interested in the development of the baby-mother  relationship, the genesis of the psychic apparatus, the infantile content and processes in the transference relationship, their understanding and interpretation.